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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why rent a margarita machine?
A. Margarita machines are a great start to every party! Not only will you be the envy of your friends for having such a cool party it is so easy for you! Forget the blender, the mixing, the ice, and the mess! Let Margarita Mike’s take all of the work out of your next party.

Q. Are the Margarita Machines Expensive?
A. Absolutely not! Margarita Mike’s provides all the necessary equipment to get you started with your Margarita experience. Consider this… a Top Shelf Margarita at a bar can cost as much as $8.00 each. Margarita Mike’s machines will yield 70 drinks per batch. That would be $560 at a bar. OUCH!!! If you were considering an open bar at your party you have to stock the bar, buy the cups, and pour drinks for all of your guests… Renting a margarita machine from Margarita Mike’s is very inexpensive.

Q. Are the machines easy to use?
A. It’s super easy! Upon delivery, Margarita Mike will guide you through each step of machine operation and refilling. And, we’ll mix the first batch for you and get you started.

Q How many drinks does one batch yield?
A. One batch of frozen drinks using Margarita Mike’s machines will make about 70 - 7 oz drinks.

Q. How long does the first batch take?
A. Indoors about 20-40 minutes, outside up to 45 minutes. Although, there is no waiting between batches because you add to the reservoir when the mix-low light comes on.

Q. Will Margarita Mike’s provide the liquor for the machine and how much will I need?
A. Sorry! Margarita Mike’s will not provide the liquor for the machine, but we will provide:

-Margarita Machine
-5 Gallon Mix
-Cart for Margarita Machine
-50 seven-ounce cups
-Margarita Salt (1)
-50 Straws

So, before you visit the liquor store, here’s what you’ll need… A medium strength batch of margarita calls for 2 liters of Tequila. You can determine the brand or if you want to add additional alcohol.

Q. What other drinks do you have?
A. You can serve Margaritas, Daiquiris, Pinã Colada's, Peach Bellini’s, Hurricanes, and much more all in the same Margarita Mike’s machine.

Check out our recipe page for a few drink recipes.

Q. What happens if I run out of mix during my party?
A. Margarita Mike’s wants you to be prepared, so we can always leave extra mix “just in case”. We will do everything to ensure you party is a success. If you still run out, don't worry, just give us a call and we will deliver more mix. **Delivery fees may be incurred.

Q. How do I get a Margarita Mike’s machine for my event?
A. Call and reserve your machine as early as possible. You can also find us on Facebook -

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